Can we raise £1000 for charity by playing games?


If you have followed the link that has brought you to this page you probably know that a good friend and I are planning a charity marathon – but not the conventional marathon which a lot of you are familiar with – it takes 30 hours and is completed largely whilst sat on our backsides.

We will be celebrating 30 years of video games and 30 years of living by spending one hour on one game from each of the 30 years since we were born, back to back on the August bank holiday weekend. Using all original consoles and a mixture of games that we feel are special to us, have had a significant impact on the media or that we never got round to playing the first time round. We have some wonderful bits of old tech in – a Commodore 64, Atari 2600 jr, right the way through to the last console, the Wii U.

Our objective is to raise £1000 (or more, the sky’s the limit) for children’s charity Child’s Play – these guys provide hospitals around the world with toys and age-appropriate video games for sick children, to make their stay in hospital that little bit less distressing.

We have already had some great contributions from individuals and businesses alike, from money to promotion to equipment for the marathon itself, people have been very good to us but we are still a long way off our target of £1000.

Please, take five minutes to check out our webpages:-



Any contributions will be greatly appreciated, as would like/sharing our pages. The more attention we can get, the more money we can raise for the kids. You can pay online through the links on the FB/WP pages or we can sort something else out, whatever works for you.

I’d recommend liking our FB or WordPress page so you can receive updates, including mine and my buddy’s take on each of the various games we will be tackling on the night.

Thanks for your time,

Liam Fitzgerald and Joel Watson


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