1986 – Excitebike


A screenshot of the game.

A screenshot of the game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Developer(s) Nintendo R&D1
Arika (3DS)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Shigeru Miyamoto
Composer(s) Akito Nakatsuka
Series Excite
Platform(s) NES/Famicom,NEC PC-8801, Sharp X1,Arcade,Game Boy Advance,Nintendo GameCube(Animal Crossing), Wii(Virtual Console), 3DS(eShop)
Release date(s) EU September 1, 1986
Genre(s) Racing game
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Media/distribution 192-kilobit cartridge


Joel:  This is another old favourite of mine, seems a lot of the older-end of the list are games I like a lot, I guess that says something about me :\ I honestly didn’t realise quite how old this one is – I remember picking it up some time in the nineties when my folks bought me a discount NES after considerable harassment (bundled with Mario 2 – That’s a tough game.) It was the first game I played where one could build their own courses and even save them IIRC.. This was revolutionary for me. Suffice to say I hardly touched the “normal” mode, favouring making stupidly impossible courses that the little bike man couldn’t even dream of conquering. I actually picked up the Wii Virtual Console version of this as soon as it was released, but it falls victim to the button-lag that plagues Wii virtual arcade games, which is a real shame. OK Rant time – The Wii was the first of the current (well last now I guess) gen consoles I bought and I did so because of the promise of a library of backward compatible games to be released through their store. Whilst they most certainly have produced a veritable cornucopia of legacy games for use on the Wii, the button lag makes a lot of them difficult to play at their intended speed. This may well be what started me down the road of re-buying all the old consoles I used to have – nothing compares to the originals.

So to summarise – Excitebike -Good. Virtual console -not so much. Liam’s chances of winning this one? I wouldn’t bet on him.


Liam: A racing game. I have issues with simulation racing games, mainly due to the fact that I have zero interest in going round and round in circles. I don’t see the point in Formula 1, Nascar or even go karting. I don’t drive and can’t even ride a bike.

I have observed a law in driving games that the level of awesomeness isI directly proportional to the level of violence. Check out this list of awesome driving games :-

  • Road Rash – Awesome
  • Burnout 3 Takedown – Awesome
  • Destruction Derby – Awesome
  • Mario Kart – Awesome
  • Carmageddon – Really awesome.

Submit this shit to some sort of scientific journal! It works for films as well. Would you rather watch Days of Thunder or Deathrace 2000? Yeah I thought so.

Excitebike is not a violent game, but on the other hand it is not a simulation really. The game itself is pretty simple which is makes it fun. Watch the temperature gauge, avoid obstacles and other riders, and land your jumps. The one thing that makes this game great is that you can speed ahead (or time your jump right) and get in front of your opposition and clip their front wheel with your rear wheel. It then takes them out of the game for a few seconds. This generally causes your opponent to hurl the NES controller at you in a pique of fury. The non-violent game is now a violent game! Hurrah!

I may not win, but I think I can damage Joel’s blood pressure enough to make it entertaining!



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