1984 – Millipede


Screenshot of Millipede

Screenshot of Millipede (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Atari, Inc.


Atari, Inc.


Ed Logg



Release date(s)

Arcade – 1982
Atari 2600 – NA 1984 EU 1984


Fixed shooter


Up to 2 players, alternating turns


Upright, cocktail


1x MOS Technology 6502 @ 1.512 MHz


2x Atari POKEY @ 1.512MHz


Raster, 240×256, vertical orientation, palette colors 32

Liam: If Frogger is like a chess game – concerned with thinking ahead, planning moves carefully and building up to a calm and measured execution – Millipede is a dirty poker game. You don’t play Millipede with a joystick, you play it with your balls. A game that encompasses everything I love about the golden era of arcade games it rewards twitch gameplay, bravado, risk taking and gut instinct. If I am ever allowed to own a video game cabinet (Jen!) this would be the one I own, the Atari 2600 is a fine substitute however. Although I am not going to hit the record score of 10,627,331 made by a Mr Donald Hayes from New Hampshire in 2004 I think I have enough to see off Joel.

Joel:  I haven’t played this an awful lot though I do remember spending an obscene amount of money playing it in a cocktail table somewhere a long time ago in a galaxy far away. I think most people of a similar age to us will have played it or some clone of it at some stage in their lives. It’s another game which has stood the test of time, as demonstrated by numerous modern ports and clones.

I think Liam will have the edge on this one as I’ll be too busy gloating about Frogger.


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